Tuesday, 15 December 2009

So much to say so little time

So much has happened lately in terms of interestingness and I feel I've had no time to blather on about it, unless in conversations where there has been gin or wine involved.


Birthday (turning 28). Standing next to Bridget Riley in a small gallery space listening to her speak about how her work is heavily inspired by Cezanne (and thus Matisse) whilst also discussing the hypnotic influence of listening to Jazz as she works (and leading me to then think about the similar methods of one quite brilliant Jackson Pollock who did the same).
A few minutes after leaving the gallery seeing these:


Right, now so memory... hmmmm, this is where I suffer from goldfish syndrome.
I photographed a lovely exhibition launch in Pimlico, exhibiting the work of Tim Richards. There I heard the wonderful Dan Cruickshank speak about the rebuilding project of the mighty Euston Arch (which once stood rather near where I went to secondary school).

Here's the lovely man himself with one of Tim's pieces:

(Dan Cruickshank behind Tim Richard's model of the Euston Arch, photo copyright Lucy Johnston)

I saw the Kienholz installation at the National Gallery and was left deeply moved and pensive by what I saw and experienced whilst walking around The Hoerengracht. I urge everyone to see this work. Its free and its very very interesting (try and get there before the crowds so you don't hear annoying people say loudly and uninterestedly 'Why have they got that metal thing on their faces?' and want to smack someone and shout ART IS TO BE RESPECTED AND EXPLORED AND ISN'T JUST A SPECTACLE TO TICK OFF A TIME OUT LIST. A subject I have since discussed in length and will not bore you on here with and isn't a question of being snobby - far from it, but seriously, read the fucking intro on the wall yeah?)

Then there was the Warp20 event, where I shot some live photos for Warp (was lovely to be asked by the kind folk there!) Lights were a shocker to shoot in but we got some alright shots at the end of it and highlights definitely included seeing Nice Nice live and dancing to Plaid djs.

(Broadcast @ Warp20, photo copyright Lucy Johnston)

And then it was ATP 10 years, which I only got back from yesterday. My body is tired and my mind somewhat all over the place. I was asked to submit some shots to NME and get them through to them 10am yesterday (which meant working on shots of Lightning Bolt at 4am - HUZZAH). Gutted I didn't get a photo of the Todd Trainer wall - apparently some of my shots were up there... and I spent the whole weekend 98% sure that it was my photo of Todd Trainer that made the overall shot but apparently it wasn't... DAMN.

Photos to come as soon as I finish them off. I think ATP deserves a whole entry all on its own.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

London Shop Fronts

Just stumbled across this.... I like it, a lot.

linky: London Shop Fronts