Wednesday, 2 June 2010

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The other week we were scheduled to shoot in Cardiff at the Manic Street Preachers recording studio... sadly a last minute hitch with a string section meant we had to postpone, so with tickets already bought Dan swiftly arranged a Bath based plan. On a beautiful sunny day, I boarded my train to Cardiff, got off at Bristol, met Dan and journeyed to Bath. Here I visited Tim Richards' (the sculptor and model maker) studio, posed with real 1960's Daleks, explored a renovation project (cue taking photos of decaying layers of past domestic mundanities like wallpapers and light fixings - some of my favourite things to capture. I'm obsessed with homes that have been vacated and small semblances of personalities long gone, left behind, as I think discussed in a early post). After a wonderful lunch discussing frail eyes and fashion houses, we scurry up to the great Stanley Donwood's studio, where he had kindly allowed us to photograph and chat. I'm still working on the digital shots and need to get the film shot on my Mamiya processed but here are the usual behind the scenes shots (taken on my LC-A+)

The journey...

The Man himself

(all images copyright Lucy Johnston)

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and from Dan's own blog here:

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