Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Summer Camp

Recently I trundled my little self on behalf of the wonderful people at Snipe to the lovely Summer Camp HQ (in other words, their living room). Taking your lighting on a 271 was something I hadn't experienced before, even though this was a route I'd been on many a time as a little adolescent (Holloway Odean, every Saturday for about 5 years... Got turned away there from Look Who's Talking Too, when I was 9... damn 12 rating! Still gripes me...)

Anyhoo here are some photos I took of this lovely band (who you can listen to here)

This is the one they picked accompanied by the piece by the very talented Laura Snapes, which you can read here .

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  1. I don't know what the person above has said because I know no Japanese (not even a little bit) but I think these pictures are great and I particularly like the inclusion of the Tom Waits-compiled Mojo mix CD in the background of the other picture on your Flickr, Lucy!
    Cool beans.