Friday, 27 August 2010

Arab Strap is dead

The first time I saw Arab Strap play was when I was 18, around about this time at Reading festival, ten years ago. Having heard Girls of Summer played by either John Peel or The Evening Session when I was about 15, I remember getting up hurriedly hitting the record button on me little hifi system (when I used to tape songs and sessions off the radio so I could listen to them back and get to know all the new bands - this was how I first happily stumbled across Mogwai too) not knowing what I was listening to but instantly knowing I'd fallen in love with it. When I saw both Arab Strap (and incidentally Mogwai, which is still one of my ultimate live highlights of all time) at that Reading two years later after having bought and avidly listened to the first record, I was totally blown away and in fear of sounding utterly ridiculous, fell completely in love with their music, already more so than having listened and enjoyed both bands' first records. Since then, and many more Arab Strap gigs later (including their last London show) I've been ranting to anyone who'll listen that Arab Strap are truly amazing... if you ever get me in a place where there's access to Arab Strap, a word of warning - I will sit you down in silence and make you listen to choice moments, or the whole of Mad for Sadness as an introduction in realising that Arab Strap should be one of your most favourite bands, live AND on record.

Anyway, as brilliant as Arab Strap were as Mister Moffat says "All good things eh...."

This is a stroke of genius, a very moving film to coincide with the reissue. This made me laugh, erm, I mean weep, a lot...

Now, can someone please buy me the reissues??

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