Friday, 20 August 2010

Esben and the Witch

In this brief moment that I find myself with internet connection (my silence thus far is that I've, alongside moving flat with no internet connection, have also been on Scandinavian adventures and spent recent days pool-side, on night occasions staring at the firmament, doused in nothing but sunscreen and cricket song, photographing a wedding in the Spanish mountain tops) I would like to tell you about the brilliant Brighton based band Esben and the Witch. Yesterday was the day they announced to the world their signing to the wonderful Matador record label (lookie here!) and showed the world their new, rather powerful video (not for the faint hearted) to the haunting magnificent Marching Song. Brilliant I think you'll find...

I was very lucky to shoot the band last year for The Stool Pigeon and some of the photos below ended up being used for the band's promo shots. Now there's a new start and may I add some beautiful new shots taken by the very talented Jonathan Hyde and Adam Kola, I thought I'd put some of these old ones up on here.

Black and white shots photographed on Kodak TriX expired film on my Holga.

And here a few snaps I took at the recent Field Day 2010...

And then a few snaps shot backstage taken on my little LC-A+...

I seriously urge you to go see them play or listen out for the upcoming album (due out next year)... I think its going to be something really special.


  1. Cool beans.
    I liked their BBC session - there was a film and everything.
    There was a lot of percussion I seem to recall... and good coats!

  2. Exceptional band, fantastic photographs. Whoever you are, Miss Lucy- thank you!