Saturday, 21 August 2010

Steve Gullick...

(Steve Gullick speaks to Dan in his study © Lucy Johnston)

In fear of sounding dramatic, its difficult to find the words to explain how inspiring I found it to talk to Steve Gullick, who has for a long time been a great inspiration to me. All I can say is that it was a real honour to talk to this man about his work, inspirations and concerns. Again, good tea was drunk and Dan very kindly let me speak very excitedly about things I love with someone whose work I deeply admire. It was genuinely a very positive afternoon and me and Dan came out of it talking excitedly, completely buzzing, having just met a very decent and extremely talented fellow.

Here are a few of the usual snapshots I take on my little LC-A.

The journey homeward...

Dan pondering:

Blurry me, demented facial expression very excited by the prints Steve very kindly gave us within my grasp:

And here is a photo I took between Steve's house and the station...

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