Monday, 30 November 2009

New addition to the family...

Photo by Lucy Johnston

Pretty little Felica packed with 120mm Rollei Retro 400 film. Photos on here soon, as soon as I take them... I'm hoping for some nice black and white portraits. Any volunteers, please drop me a line.

Thank you Dan! (it was a birthday present)


  1. Wow, what gorgeous object. I'm really looking forward to seeing some of those portraits. Like really. I'm kinda want one of my face, I'm also not quite brave enough to want to go through with it.

  2. Aaaah GO ON! We'd need good weather though.. *sigh*

  3. This is adorable Lucy - if you are ever in Glasgow pop into Relics they have hundreds of adorable cameras like this. How I ever make it out of there without one is beyond me. Also this has reminded me I need to try and get the film out of my Agfa.