Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Sneaky peek...

I recently took this photo 'behind the scenes' at a These New Puritans video shoot in the rather glamorous location of a community leisure centre in Barnet. Without going into details, needless to say I felt rather odd standing by a pool with my long lens out shooting semi-naked indie boys...

But needs must (haha!), and the full set of shots will go live on The Quietus early December. I can't wait to see the video - it looked great on the crew's screen (and I also hear the new album is going to be mighty).


  1. I love this image - is that thing on his head made of chicken skeletons - creepy..
    Look forward to more post lucyloo

  2. Lord knows what it was made of but now that you mention it, it really does look like chicken skeletons! Eeeeuw! At first I thought it was feathers but hmmm... will give you a link to the shots when they go live sweetness (lots of wet young men, oooer!), hopefully it'll include the video they made as it looks like it's going to be really quite stunning x